Billets comportant le tag rabbit.

Sam Taylor-Wood, ‘Self Portrait in Single-Breasted Suit with Hare’, 2001

Marion Bénard, halifax rabbit (detail),  2010

Sarina Brewer, Toast to Severson

 Sarah Garzoni

"Mascarade" , 2005

62 X 24,5 X 29 cm


(rabbit’s skin, chicken)


sarah garzoni

Mascarade, 2005

62 X 24,5 X 29 cm


(rabbit’s skin, chicken)


Claudia & Julia Müller at Peter Kilchmann

Robinson Crusoe, 2004

Installation, 1 wooden rack, taxidermic animals, 1 drawing, acrylic on paper

framed size variable drawing 220 x 350 cm Unique + 1 AP 

Exhibition view: “Human Territories“, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, 2004

Nic Hess
Feierlichkeit III
Overheadprojector, perforated Aldi shopping bag (paper)
Dimensions variable

Nic Hess
Stuffed rabbit
2 pieces
36 x 40 cm; 18 x 33 cm

Sigurdur Arni Sigurdsson, Diplomatie, 1996. Installation. 32,5 x 60 x 45 cm.

nina saunders, katy’s convoy, 2008

 Equine felidae (pink) by claude jones

 lagomorph canidae(pink) by claude jones

Katharina Moessinger, Handpuppe Hase, glove puppet rabbit, 2011, rabbit fur, H 45 x B 15 x T 20 cm

Josephine Meckseper, The Complete History of Postcontemporary Art, 2005

Taryn Simon, excerpt from A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters (2011).