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Paul Thek; Untitled (Chair with Crow and Meat), 1968; Kolumba, Cologne, © The Estate of George Paul Thek

kourtney roy

harriet Horton - rook king

Tippi Hedren, taken while filming ‘The Birds’ in 1963

Alfred Hitchcock, taken while filming ‘The Birds’ in 1963

William Wegman, crow - Duck, 1970

Chevreuil renversé (anges de terre) by Julien Salaud

Noble & Webster, Dark Stuff, 2008, © Noble and Webster.

Mark Dion – Aviary (Library for the Birds of Massachusetts), 2005

Claire Maxwell

Sacha Ketoff, Léda aux corbeaux

Sacha Ketoff, Léda aux corbeaux

( thks dear Sacha ;)

Lothar Hempel, Nachts, wenn alles schlaft 2007

Nancy Fouts

Nancy Fouts’s exhibition in Camden has been extended to the end of July 2010. Fri & Sat 12 – 6pm or by appointment. For more info go to murmurART.

The exhibition is brought to us by Nancy Fouts and murmurART, curated by Flora Fairbain.

Described by Les Coleman as an ‘Art Prankster’

Sir Peter Blake says: “I love the work of Nancy Fouts, she makes the everyday object extraordinary”.

Gavin Turk says: “Nancy turns the function inside out with her brainstorming made manifest”.